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VALORANT Developer Releases Interesting Video Whether New Technology Is Being Developed To Block Auto Aim

VALORANT is equipped with the powerful Vanguard anti-cheat tool, but the community is talking about developing a new technology to block auto-aim.

The origin is a video posted on Twitter by GamerDoc, VALORANT Senior Anti-Cheat Analyst. He tweeted: “We are testing some unreleased technology,” and posted a video interfering with Auto Aim, which automatically deflects when the scope aligns with the bot’s head on the firing range.

On the other hand, there were comments like “I want to see the confused cheetah” and “It’s the best anti-cheat” in the tweet, while others were skeptical like “Isn’t it possible to compete with hardware cheats?” Many voices. Whether or not it will be officially implemented is unknown at this time, but we expect further improvements in the future.

GamerDoc, a Senior Anti-Cheat Analyst for VALORANT, joined Riot Games in September 2020. Prior to joining the company, he was the leader of the Anti-Cheat Police Department, an organization that aims to eradicate all cheaters and cheat developers. He was working on finding information.

On the other hand, his enthusiastic activities failed and caused a stir in the community, such as launching a crowdfunding campaign to assassinate GamerDoc by a cheat developer.

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