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Stress among teachers

In the 21st century, teachers face more significant challenges with demands from parents, the community, school management and the ministry in order to improve the quality of education. The atmosphere of teaching and learning as well as the quality of teachers’ teaching is increasingly being questioned and stated as the cause of the decline in student performance. Changes in the education system that demand a paradigm shift among teachers will directly or indirectly lead to pressure on teachers. Whether the teacher can face these challenges depends on how the teacher prepares for it.

Emotional pressure does occur because teachers are faced with various responsibilities entrusted by the management in addition to having to fulfill their daily duties or their main duties in the classroom. In the process of carrying out duties and responsibilities, teachers increasingly encounter obstacles, lack of time and disagreements between teachers. If teachers cannot solve problems or deal with challenges, they will experience emotional stress.

Source: Teacher Education Series Book, “Teachers and Current Challenges” by, Noriati A. Rashid et al.

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