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General Questions and Answers about the Association: All are requested to read

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"Ten sticks are worth one" - we've all heard this phrase in childhood. The aim and objective of our association is to make what we have put into practice a reality.
General information, questions and answers about our association:
Q: What is the purpose of our association?
Answer: Aims and Objectives of our Association-
1. To bring together all the lawyers and law students of Bangladesh to form a nationwide association.
2. To build rapport between lawyers and law students.
3. Dealing with various problems of law students.
4. Acting to ensure that new law apprentices receive respectable honors in the first instance.
5. Protection of interest of learned lawyers in court.
6. Working to prevent women lawyers from being subjected to any form of harassment.
7. To help law students to improve their skills on various subjects of law.
8. Above all, to create unity among all law-related persons.
Q: Is your association a political association?
Answer: No, our association is a completely apolitical organization.

thank you 😊 

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